Pest Control Services in Portland, OR

Declare your home free from unwanted critters when you work with the professionals at Golden Eagle Pest Extermination & The Mole Men. Let us come eliminate bugs, rodents, and other creatures from your property as part of our top-notch pest control services in Portland, OR. What makes our extermination service so great? Our company uses humane, eco-friendly methods of removing pests. We know you want these critters gone, but want to be thoughtful when doing so. That’s why there’s no better service to turn to in the area when you need a pest control expert.

Top Treatment Options from a Pest Control Company

Nature is made up of different unique creatures. From birds to bugs, there are countless critters that coexist with us on earth. While we all enjoy nature, no one wants to share their homes with these bugs and other pests.

Keep the creepy creatures and bugs outdoors where they belong when you work with us for your pest control service. Whether you have a small number of ants or a sudden influx of mice, we have the services you need to take care of the problem as soon as possible. Our pest control company features top customer service options for each of our clients. No matter how severe the pest issue is, you can count on us to provide you with the right solution.

Using Our Pest Control Services

Take care of each of your pest control issues with the services from our team. Our staff focuses on removing ants, mice, squirrels, and other nuisances in a safe and ethical manner for our clients. From bedrooms to garages, we offer a variety of services to keep every part of your home free from pests.

With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, our pest control team has the expertise needed to handle any issue. When you need to clear these critters off your property or get them out of your home, we’re the experienced experts you can count on to do a safe and thorough job for a competitive rate. When wildlife invades, we provide humane clearance of pests for each of our customers.

Contact us in Portland, Oregon, to undergo humane pest control at your location. We offer services throughout the area.