Bee Control in Portland, OR

Keep stinging pests from terrorizing your home when you request the services from Golden Eagle Pest Extermination & The Mole Men. Our professionals deliver a series of services for bee control in Portland, OR. Whether you have a small infestation or a major problem at your home, we are here to assist you. Reach out to us today to keep your family and guests safe.

Beating the Stinging Insects

Bees and wasps can be scary for any individual. These pests will sting when they feel threatened, making them a difficult and dangerous insects to remove without help from a professional. When you are dealing with bees, wasps, hornets, speak with us to undergo the right treatment.

Our bee and wasp control specialists feature a number of removal options to help homeowners who are living with an infestation of these stinging insects. We have the expertise needed to deliver the leading standard of service throughout every part of your job. Our goal is to leave your property free from all pests. Whether you are in need of bee control, you can count on us to provide you with the solution you require to live comfortably again.

Finding & Eliminating the Nest

There are countless sprays and other products on the market that claim to deliver effective bee control. However, these products will only treat part of the problem.

In many situations, if you notice a small number of bees or wasps on the property, it is likely that there is a nearby hive or nest where hundreds to thousands of other bees live. To do away with these pests for good, it is important that you call in a professional to remove and relocate the hive.

Whether the nest is located in a tree, roof, chimney, or meter box, you can count on us to do away with these stinging insects. We perform a full nest removal for infestations of all sizes.

Contact us in Portland, Oregon, to speak with us about your bee control concerns. We offer services for customers throughout the area.