Relocating Squirrels in Portland, OR

Nature is a beautiful thing, but much of this beauty should remain outdoors. If unwanted wildlife has invaded your home, take back control by turning to us for relocating squirrels in Portland, OR.  Golden Eagle Pest Extermination & The Mole Men is available to help you return these pests to their natural habitats. Our company offers everything you need to create a safe and quiet home for you and your family. We work hard to set the right squirrel trap for each of our clients. Turn to our team to keep animals outside where they belong.

Lasting Options from Our Squirrel Control Company

Do you hear strange sounds coming from your walls or ceiling? While you may not want to admit it, these sounds are likely coming from a trapped animal who has invaded in your home. Squirrels and other creatures enter your space through the attic.

Without the services of a professional squirrel trapper, these critters will be free to roam around your space. While squirrels are small, they can also cause several structural damage that can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars to repair. These creatures are also known to carry a number of parasites and diseases, making them a danger to you, your family, and all other building occupants.

Squirrel Removal Company: Safe & Humane Solutions

Wildlife is difficult to work with, as animals can pose a threat to people when they feel threatened. If you have a critter living in your walls, attic, or chimney, turn to our professionals for your squirrel removal services. We bring extensive experience to each of our clients. No matter how many animals you have in your space, our squirrel and rodent control company performs the right services to eliminate the issue. Our experts are available to tackle even the most complex pest control problem.

There is more to squirrel removal than just grabbing the animal and releasing it into the wild. When you turn to our squirrel removal service, you are receiving a safe and humane solution to your pest problems. Golden Eagle Pest live traps the squirrel, and relocates them. We also cut off all entryways to prevent future infestations and other issues. With our services, you will enjoy lasting freedom while also knowing you caused no harm to the confused critter.

Contact us in Portland, Oregon, for a humane solution to your squirrel issues. We offer control services throughout the area.