Rodent Removal in Portland, OR

Don’t stress over sharing your home with unwanted guests. When you are dealing with a rodent infestation, take back control of your space with a call to Golden Eagle Pest Extermination & The Mole Men. At our local company, we specialize in many pest control services, including rodent removal in Portland, OR. Call to speak with our specialists today to put our rat control options in play at your space. We work hard to deliver a lasting result for each of our clients.

Rat Removal Options for Every Room

These animals may be small, but they can cause structural damage without a fast and effective treatment. In many cases, these creatures can also carry different parasites and diseases, making them a health risk for you and your loved ones. Our rat extermination takes care of these removal services for homes of all sizes. With our services, you will eliminate the threat of infestation before it is too late.

While poison is used by many homeowners to take care of their mice and rodent issues, there are other effective treatments available. Rats and mice that consume poison will die in your home, creating a bad smell and mess that you have to clean up.

With the rat control services from our team, you will take care of the issue in your home without needing to rely on poison. Our safe and humane methods offer a full removal of the issue for every part of your home.

After trapping mice and rats out of the crawl space and closing all entry points locked bait stations are placed around the foundation of the house.

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Take care of your rat removal without dealing with the stress and confusion on your own when you turn to us. Our rat, mice, and squirrel control specialist is committed to taking care of your needs in a safe and effective manner. We perform a full inspection of your attic and other areas to ensure that rats and mice are unable to enter your space. Once we cut off the entryway, we are able to provide a lasting treatment that protects against future invasions.

Contact us in Portland, Oregon, to discover more on our rodent control solutions. We offer services in homes throughout the area.